Google Voice offers great features for small business

Aug 10 2010 9:25 AM   

A few months ago Google launched a new service called Google Voice. I've been using it for a while now and think it has great potential for small businesses. Here's the basics of how it works. First, you pick a Google Voice number. They have numbers available on area code in most places. The service can be configured to ring any combination of phones when an incoming call is received. For example, my Google Voice number could be setup to ring my work phone and my cell phone anytime someone calls. You can also setup rules telling Google Voice to ring different phones based on the time of day, the individual who's calling or what contact group the caller belongs to. The service also provides configurable voice mail so you can have different messages depending on who's calling. One of my favorite features is voice mail transcription allowing you to check your voice mails online, have them sent to your email or text them to your mobile phone. Those are just a few of the features provided by Google Voice. Check out the video below for an overview of the service.