A new way to find lunch deals in Cedar Rapids

Jan 23 2011 9:00 AM   

We're proud to announce CRLunchDeals, a new service we helped create with some friends here in Cedar Rapids. The service is a simple way to find out about all the best Cedar Rapids lunch specials each day and will also include exclusive coupons for some of the most popular lunch spots in town. We came up with the idea because we're always looking for new places in town to grab lunch and wished there was one place we could go to find out what's out there. We also love to save money! The service is completely free for users who want to find deals and local businesses who want to list their specials. Berry Web Labs did all the design and development for the website and the email marketing program.

Check out the website, crlunchdeals.com to sign-up and receive the specials each day. The best part is that you can get them through email, facebook or twitter, whatever works best for you.